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Appliance Maintenance

An Appliance repair specialist will check all parts and pieces of your, commercial or residential washer, dryers, stoves, ovens, cooling unit as well as check all refrigerant levels and refill as necessary. Coils will be inspected and cleaned and the blower unit will be inspected and calibrated for optimal air flow.

Trust the Appliance Maintenance Professionals

We always recommend that a professional Appliance specialist do the maintenance for your unit, however, there are some easy steps you can take at home to compliment your professional Appliance maintenance service.

  • Change filters often. A filter that is full of dirt and debris causes your Appliances to work harder to move air, therefore raising your energy bill. A clean filter allows air to pass through easily, meaning your system will not need to over exhaust itself. It is recommended by energy star to change your home filter every three months or so. A clean filter also means less chances of costly repairs!
  • Look for leaks, excessive dust, or frozen coils. These can all be signs that professional repairs are required.
  • Use your senses to spot any unusual sounds, smells or fluctuations in temperature.

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