Time For Change, Really?

Ernest Bayless started A Quality Service Company in 1977 and times were different then. He had one company standard that he refused to even consider to change and that is our Free Service Charge Promise. In other words we don't charge to come to your place or business and diagnose your problem at no cost, no matter how much work the technician had to put in to properly diagnose a problem. Back then things were different, technology has came a long way in the air conditioning, heating and appliance field, a little more work is needed now to diagnose some issues. Changing the standard was brought up at a our last board meeting. I was asked how I felt about considering charging a Service Charge. Well I did think about it, and how it could change the way we do business, and I could not help but think why my father never wanted changed. He always believed in the old school way of doing things, in his day this was a common practice, gas stations pumped your gas, grocery store packed your bags and in some cases carried them to your car. He would say: " Son this is the cost we pay for doing Professional Honest Business, we have nothing to lose but maybe gain a customer". Dad died a couple years ago, and I knew how much time he spent just trying to help his customers based on knowledge of his trade and the quality in his work. He enjoyed doing what he did, maybe that's why they called him Doc. So I ask myself, Is it really Time for a Change?